At a young age, with no capital or experience in the business world, Chaya Rosenzweig made the decision to relocate from Israel to the United States a choice that transformed her life entirely.

Meet Chaya, the 28 year old founder of the MPOWER Foundation, a mother of three, entrepreneur, and owner of a multi-million dollar real estate company in the U.S.

Coming from a single parent family with no financial support, Chaya understood the importance of achieving independent financial stability. As an ultra-Orthodox woman who worked in humble and transparent jobs, she knew she needed to make fundamental changes to her life in order to secure a reliable source of passive income. This realization of hers led her to immigrate to the United States and immerse herself in the world of real estate. Chaya arrived with no prior knowledge, and limited language skills, but continued to learn and strive tirelessly to achieve her success and self-actualization.

The journey was challenging, but through tenacity, self-belief, and the support she received at home, Chaya's businesses flourished, leading to the establishment of a prominent real estate investment company. Parallel to her success, many women approached her, expressing that her life story inspired them and acknowledging her as a role model. Chaya recognized her ability to change the destinies of women in need of a boost and support on their journey toward self-fulfillment and entrepreneurship. Having been in their position herself, she understands the challenging experience of embarking on an unfamiliar path alone.

In recent years, Chaya has been deeply involved in the realm of empowerment, actively participating in numerous podcasts that have garnered thousands of positive responses from women across the country. She discovered a deep sense of purpose in impacting not only her friends and family, but countless women seeking empowerment, leverage, and financial independence. Her sense of mission and altruism only strengthens her commitment to helping more women. Chaya founded the MPOWER Foundation, which is dedicated to the mental and economic empowerment of women, with the vision of helping Israeli women find their path to financial success.

The foundation's mission is to take businesswomen to the next level and help them reach their full potential while embracing the calling and mission in business for women. The focus is on becoming the best version of oneself, emphasizing financial independence and the ability to earn a living with dignity. The foundation supports businesswomen at various stages of their careers, including when launching a venture, encompassing all family situations and industries. These include those who are taking their first steps towards the future and those who already run an independent company but are looking for growth and substantial development.

The Foundation's team of top-notch advisors and mentors fully believes in every woman who seeks their assistance, recognizing each as a unique world. The team is committed to helping as many women as possible create a build a stable social and economic safety net for themselves.

The foundation offers a range of services, such as

A comprehensive program integrating business and mental elements

Business guidance and advice

Personalized mentoring and mental counseling

Networking, business connections, and female empowerment activities

Exclusive benefits for small business owners

Nationwide conferences and community events, fostering a robust female business community

All services are provided at affordable prices to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to live a safer and more peaceful life, both financially and emotionally, harnessing her personal unlimited potential.

. If this resonates with you and you have a genuine desire for personal and professional success and growth, or if you are interested in joining women's empowerment efforts, the MPOWER Foundation is the ideal destination for you.